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Nova’s Telecom Group provides regulatory and due diligence services for the telecommunications industry. Services include National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review and compliance, Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and lead and asbestos testing, 1A/2C Surveys, FAA Studies, RF-EME, and related tasks for wireless sites. Our nationwide team can navigate difficult new tower siting issues along with the completion of large portfolios of 5G modification sites. Nova’s Telecom Group can cover it all.


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Nova’s group of NEPA professionals is dedicated to advising on all aspects of the regulatory process for Telecom and beyond.  

Nova's Expertise

Nova’s National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) team brings decades of experience in all aspects of NEPA compliance. Whether your project involves federal, state, or local environmental review, Nova’s team will help you realize your goals in a cost-effective and timely manner while providing unparalleled customer service from our knowledgeable professionals across the country. Nova’s team has the know-how to advise clients on complex regulatory and environmental requirements.

From historic preservation, to archaeological surveys and tribal consultations, to wetland, floodplain, and endangered species consultations, the Nova NEPA team has country-wide reach in directing consulting with our Native American Tribal communities, State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs), state environmental permitting offices, and regional U.S. Fish and Wildlife field offices.




  • Historic Preservation and Architectural History Consultations

  • Local Historic District Consultation/Certificates of Appropriateness

  • Historic Tax Credit Consultation

  • Zoning and Local Regulations Consultation

  • Wetland Consulting and Delineations

  • Federal, state, and local wetland permitting as well as mitigation/restoration support

  • Preliminary and official wetland jurisdictional determinations

  • Floodplain Consulting

  • Flood hazard permitting

  • Endangered and Natural Species Consultations

  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Section 7 consultation

  • Endangered Species Incidental Take Permitting

  • Endangered Species habitat and absence/presence surveys

  • Bird Nest Surveys

  • Phase I, II and III Archaeological Assessments

  • Prior Ground Disturbance Determinations

  • On-Site Archaeological Monitoring

  • Visual Impact Assessment and Photosimulations

  • Native American Tribal Engagement

  • Public Outreach and Public Meeting Representation


Dave Akerblom | Director, Telecom NEPA

Email | 617-921-6442

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Environmental Due Diligence

Nova field professionals and team leaders have solid experience conducting and managing Environmental Site Assessments for telecommunications carriers, tower companies, and site acquisition firms.

Nova's Expertise

Nova employees are trained to conduct or review Phase I investigations in accordance with ASTM E1527-13, the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), HUD guidelines, or specific client requirements. Nova’s staff has a strong understanding of state and federal regulations, and concerns related to air, soil, surface water, and groundwater. Additionally, Nova has staff trained in specific areas of remediation and permitting expertise who are available to advise as needed.



  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Asbestos Testing

  • Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Testing

  • Soil Testing


Rob Wilkens | Director, Telecom Due Diligence

Email | 203-246-6990

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Additional Services

Nova’s Telecom Group can assist with multiple additional aspects of telecom siting:

  • RF-EME Analysis

  • 1A/2C Surveys

  • FAA Filings

  • FCC Antenna Site Registration (ASR)


Nova's Expertise

The professional staff at Nova include: 

  • Secretary of the Interior Qualified Architectural Historians

  • Secretary of the Interior Qualified Archaeologists

  • Certified Wetland Biologists

  • Habitat Evaluation Practitioners (HEPs)

  • ASTM Environmental Professionals (EPs)

  • Licensed Lead and Asbestos Inspectors

Ask Us.

Nova Group, GBC (Nova) is an international advising firm providing innovative environmental and engineering services in the areas of risk assessment, investigation, management, compliance and corrective action activities.

Call: +1 855-440-9393

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